With a small headquarters office in Denver, CICSCO needed to establish a larger presence due to pending contracts to build oil refineries in the Middle East. We worked directly with the President and CEO in securing a 23,000 square foot office facility in the Denver’s southeast market. The space worked especially well due to already existing IT and data infrastructure in the space. Through negotiation we were able to secure a five year lease with a favorable rental rate structure and free rent concessions in a tightening market which allowed CICSCO to “ramp” up their operations over an extended period of time.
Jim Prall, President, 303-506-7178


Colorado Foundation
For Families & Children

This local non profit was facing rising rental rates and desired to find a building to purchase for their own use. We worked with CFFC for a year to locate and ideal situation for them. Needing to be centrally located but with a limited budget and required parking availability, we were able to secure an ideal situation for them adjacent to the central business district. The appeal of the investment for them was existing tenants in the building which produced a cash flow as well as additionally space for the organization to expand in the future.
Carolyn Homer, CFO, 303-837-8466 Ext 127


Controlled Products
Systems Gro

This user is headquartered in Denver, Colorado but has several locations in other states. They needed a presence in San Antonio, Texas. We were able to locate their requirement, negotiate the lease and get them moved in all from our Denver offices via phone and internet. The effort was made possible through our connection with CREW Network which allows us to gain market information anywhere within the United States.
Ray Elliot, CFO, 303.285,4304


Institute for International
With large headquarters in New York, this group needed to relocate their regional offices in Denver. We started early attempting to move them before the existing lease in Denver was expired. It took four different attempts in locating space and negotiating over a period of 18 months to finally locate them into space that fully meets their needs. This was a group that was fully committed to our services which accomplished working with both the local staff as well as the direction from New York.
Karen DeBartolome, Executive Director, 303.837.0788

DMI Biosciences We worked directly with the President and CEO of this local bioscience firm to bring them out of their incubator space into a regional headquarter setting at the Fitzsimons Bioscience Center. The project was a challenge in both design and the use of mobile laboratories which required attention to the details of their use as well as the challenge of dealing with a quasi government enity. Wray & Associates was able to put together the entire team representing DMI which included legal, project management, furniture and interior design and phone and cabling consultations.
Bruce Miller, President, 303.789.1929

Baywatch Services This client had a need to relocate into larger and more attractive office/warehouse space in an entirely different region of the city. They were also price conscience. After several attempts over a two month period, we found them a single user building which they considered appropriate and were able to negotiate a transaction which they felt been met their performa.
Tom Townsend, President, 303.918.9315

Echo Data Link Staffing
Mark Simon, Attorney at Law Southwest Investments
Colorado First Commercial Mortgage
The Gretzinger Corporation
Colorado SIDS Program
Colorado Heritage Camp
Baker & Taylor
Assets for Colorado Youth
Ionex Research Group
Fidelity First Mortgage Group
National Education Association Kaiser Permanente Health Plan
McStain Enterprises Juice Communications
Kara Data DigiTerra Broadband, Inc.
Goodwill Industries of Denver AvTech Electronics
Colorado Foundations for Families & Children Vector Seismic Data Processing
Miltop Corp.
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